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Transterpreter Summer '09 - Day 1

So, I have arrived in Meadville for what I have decided to dub the "Transterpreter Summer '09", a very exciting event where Matt, Adam, and myself will be in the same location to hax on various Transterpreter related things; and hopefully the rest of the group will be able to join in on some of the fun even though they are many miles away (mostly in the UK). Also, some of Matt's students will be dropping by to work on various interesting bits, including, but not limited to, the Transterpreter.

First things first however, is preparation for the USENIX talk, which will be very exciting. I'm currently making builds of the TVM for OS X and Windows, which is not very exciting but must be done so that we tell people at USENIX that they can use our amazing software. Matt on the other hand has been setting up the Ubuntu box in our lab (next to the not quite finished RepRap).



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