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Transterpreter Summer '09 - Day 9

Matt and I are now back in Meadville after more travel than you could shake a stick at. USENIX was fun, but we now need to get ready to do some Ardoino haxing (as we foolishly promised): bits are are being purchased1 and Adam will arrive in a few days2.

In other news: we managed to get our new website up during the USENIX conference. Jon has been instrumental in making the site look good, getting old content pushed over, and much more. I've also done quite a bit of work, mostly on the server side. We might publish some very exciting details about the website and how we serve it up at a later date, but for now that will be shrouded in mystery. One of the most important things, perhaps, is that the blog is now functional again and the old content has been restored. We do have the old comments hanging around, but we have not had time to put those up. There is currently, to make our lives easier, no comment facility.

While we're working on the Arduino, we are also going to work on some automated build scripts that will make it easier for us to roll binaries (for OS X and Windows especially). This should allow us to update the binaries on the download page in the near future.

  1. although we will invariably forget to buy something important. 

  2. which will result in another trip to Cleveland and back, yay! 


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