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Drawing on the SRV-1

I've discovered that programming while helping students and working with colleagues (both in the room and across the ocean) is actually distracting enough to prevent you from writing good code.

By coming in around 6AM this morning, I got some good quiet time that I was able to use productively, and in a short amount of time wrapped my head around YUV 4:22 (UYVY), and got some drawing routines ported into our Surveyor package. I have some questions for Carl and Jon about this, but for the moment, I'm glad my explorations are (mostly) over.

Last night, I got as far as wondering why I was able to make my images green:

This morning, I quickly isolated the luma component (Y) of the image:

Then, it was on to drawing. I think he sub-sampling for JPEG conversion is confusing me, but we can reliably draw shapes over the image:

Now, when students start doing image processing, they can circle or box in regions they are interested in, and see if their algorithms are returning values that make sense. (They can also print debugging information back to the PC, which is useful as well.) Between these two modes of interaction, I'd say we have a reasonably rich platform/API developing upon which students can develop parallel-safe robotics applications on the SRV-1 using occam-pi.


  • Posted: February 7, 2008
  • Author: Matthew Jadud
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