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All quiet on the western front

Arguably, with respect to England, I'm now the Western Front. That is, last week, I moved from the UK back to my native land of the USA. Kinda sad, really; it's hard to find cask-conditioned, top-fermented ales in the USA.

On Friday, July 20th, we went ahead and had a group meeting discussing many aspects of the project. Over the next few days, I'll describe the various parts of that discussion to inform the development list as well as provide a partial record of what we came up with.

To me, the most important part of the discussion was our agreeing some working patterns that we can document and adhere to as a distributed group. As a result, this should make it much easier for new developers to get involved and feel "at home" in the project. This has been missing so far, largely because we were all in adjacent offices for the first few years of the project. That, now, has changed.

I'll try and do one of these every morning. Admittedly, I'm on vacation right now, but I'm also jetlagged. Or, something... I'm still going to bed around 10PM and waking up around 6AM, which means that I have a few quiet hours in the morning to think and write things like this. We'll see. Either way, keep an eye on this space, or watch the mailing lists, as I'll announce the posts in this series to the list, as we (as a group) think they matter.


  • Posted: July 29, 2007
  • Author: Matthew Jadud
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