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Our Google TechTalk

On March 29th, we gave our first Google TechTalk!

You can hit the link to go to the Google Video site. So far, we've had quite a few views, and apparently, people enjoy it (according to the ratings, anyway). We had a hard time targeting the talk; we rewrote it several times before giving it, as we couldn't decide how best to approach the work we've been doing for the last four years. Do we dive straight into how we can use a language like occam-pi for abstracting over clusters, or how we can build safer, concurrent software on embedded platforms?

In the end, we gave an introduction to the language, and then focused a bit on how we can convert parallel models of software directly into code, and motivated this using Jon Simpson's work with the subsumption architecture on small robotics platforms. We received many positive comments on the talk, and one person did say they thought it was light on "hard-core" detail. But what can you do in 45 minutes with an unknown audience?

In the end, we gave a good talk, and were excited to be able to share our work with the Googlers there and who are now catching the video on-line. (And, for that matter, anyone else who wants to see what we had to say.)

Certainly, it was a lot of fun. And yes, the food in the cafeterias at Google really is that good.


  • Posted: April 4, 2007
  • Author: Matthew Jadud
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