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What is RoboDeb?

I visited Oberlin College today---I was in town, and I had some questions that I thought they might be able to answer. I saw presentations from two 4th year Honors students, and both Assoc. Prof. Bob Geitz and Prof. Richard Salter took time out of their busy days to chat with me. I appreciated it greatly.

In talking with them about some of the projects I've worked on, I realized that it was very difficult to show them anything about the Transterpreter and RoboDeb. In short, we have very few images or videos on our website, despite the fact that we do some pretty darn cool things involving neat programming languages and robots. While there's a lot of information on these pages, there's nothing that you can browse through and say "Oh. That looks cool."

So, that's something for me to work on. It's a different kind of documentation, but it is documentation never-the-less. I have videos from various talks and presentations we've given over the last two years; perhaps those can be cleaned up and integrated into the site here.


  • Posted: May 5, 2006
  • Author: Matthew Jadud
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