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From v209 to v301.14

If only everything was easy...

To do a source release, we need the slinker. To do a source release that will work out-of-the-box on the MacIntel, we need the slinker running on the v300-series of MzScheme.

Yesterday, I finished what looks like a successful upgrade of the slinker to the most recent (301.14) version of MzScheme. This is nice, as MzScheme/MzC now produces JIT-compiled code, and soon may drop its dependencies on external libraries. In other words, we may soon be able to distribute binaries on a number of platforms without requiring the user to install support libraries, which has always been an extra/annoying step.

In other words, because of the continued excellence of the work done on PLT Scheme, we benefit. I return to the UK on what looks like a long flight spanning Monday and Tuesday; while we currently don't have 'make dist' working, we may be able to do a source release very soon. And I think that would make me happy.

Or, at least, take something off the to-do list.

Perhaps the opportunity will present itself during the weekend to do some additional updating of the TVM Blog; a bunch of things continue to fall into place, including improved floating point support, and some really nice performance improvements. More to come...


  • Posted: May 19, 2006
  • Author: Matthew Jadud
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