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0.7.3, RoboDeb

We have a new binary build of the Transterpreter up; version 0.7.3 rolls in some minor fixes, and includes support for SHARED channels. However, it does not support SHARED top-level channels; this is an issue with how the data is passed through the compiler (and therefore, ultimately, to the slinker), and those issues may (or may not) be resolved someday. For now, you may not (directly) share top-level channels.

We also have a VMWare virtual machine available for download; if you are interested in using the Transterpreter and the Player/Stage library for controlling Pioneer class robots (a tastes-great combination, giving you world-class concurrency for robotic control), drop us a note. We've got around 60 pages of documentation to accompany it, and deployed it this semester to students enrolled in CO631, a second-year module in concurrency at the University of Kent. We'll be giving a talk and mini-workshop at DIKU in April regarding this same technology.

Like all things, we'll do a complete release in due time; we're adding more things to the VM (like a JDK, JCSP, the FUSE libraries for userland filesystems, the Python Player/Stage bindings, so on and so forth) so we're not keen on doing a general release at this time. It's a 250MB download, and until it's finished, we'll be happy to release it to people upon request.


  • Posted: March 23, 2006
  • Author: Matthew Jadud
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