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TVM 0.7.1

As seen on the tvm-announce mailing list:

We've been quiet, but we've been busy.

First, I'd like to point out that the current binary release for Mac and Windows---version 0.7.1---can be considered our v1.0 "release candidate." Many people have poked and prodded this version, and we've deployed it to students for use in the concurrency 2nd-year module here at Kent. It looks good. Most notably to end-users, we've integrated a pure-Java VT220 emulator, so the JEdit IDE is now a one-stop solution for writing and executing occam programs. Christian has put a lot of time in over the last few months making things "just work." Excellent stuff.

Second, I'll hint at two impending announcements (days... days away, my friends). Damian has dome some great work with the foreign function interface; this means, for example, that the same occam program can make use of OpenGL on both Windows and Linux (Mac coming soon). So, we've done something nifty involving OpenGL and the Player/Stage robotics API---on that count, I'll say no more. You'll have to wonder just how infinitely cool it is.

Last, we are nigh upon our first source release. Most importantly, this means that you can start compiling the world's smallest and most portable occam runtime for all those devices you wished ran occam: your Nintendo DS (two processors, two Transterpreters!), your mobile phone, the toaster, the kids next door...

Of course, I shouldn't have sent, but instead talked to the team and bumped the version number to "-rc1" or something before sending. Oops. Sometimes, I'm just over-eager.


  • Posted: February 4, 2006
  • Author: Matthew Jadud
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