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Stale weblog! Many things happening! Woot!

We could, I think, update this weblog much more often.

For example, we have yet to announce that we're up to version 0.6.2. Christian's hard work, along with some help from Damian, have yielded a Transterpreter that now passes thousands of test cases covering the occam2 programming language. Additionally, the JEdit IDE is stable and functional; we've had a number of people successfully download it and get things working all over the world at this point. (The IDE, it seems, was a larger undertaking than had been expected.)

Damian's work with SWIG has been paying off; along with wrapping OpenGL, he's recently wrappped the Player/Stage API. This gives us the ability to write occam programs that control a whole slew of robots, including the Pioneer III we have in the lab. This is excellent. I'm hoping to have time soon to learn more about using SWIG, and poke at some things myself.

And, Damian and Christian's presentation at CPA 2005 regarding the FFI (Damian's SWIG paper) went very well; a lot of people were interested in the technology, and we hope that some interesting and exciting collaborations might be born from those conversations. Also, while at CPA, it would appear that Christian was either out of his mind, or otherwise taunted and provoked beyond measure, as he decided to implement dynamic memory and mobiles! This marks the point where we move on from occam2 to occam-pi; these dynamic extensions give the language a great deal of power and flexibility. I suspect these features won't see release until they're better tested, but it continues to be a testament to the design choices we made in the VM and linker that Christian can sit down for a few hours and add new, and significant, language features.

Perhaps, as Minister of Misinformation (I'm not allowed to do any significant development work until my own dissertation is done) I can keep on top of this weblog and turn it into a bit more of a consistent source of updates and information. So, if you have any questions, comments, or you have some odd hardware you'd like to see the Transterpreter running on, drop us a note! We're currently considering Nelson's monument in Trafalgar Square* as our next runtime target, so don't be afraid---send us some mail!



* Yes, we are aware that Nelson's monument is not a computational device, per se.


  • Posted: September 23, 2005
  • Author: Matthew Jadud
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