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The Zaurus and the Brainstem, The Transterpreter and the Zaurus

For so little to say, too.

This evening, we verified that:

  1. We can slave the Brainstem to the Zaurus from C. I don't have my own 'hello, world' running yet, but I was able to cross-compile and run one of Acroname's test programs. That works for me. The next step is to study Acroname's code, understand how the libraries are used, and wrap them up for use from occam.
  2. The TVM has been ported to the Zaurus. Granted, we never thought this would be an issue, but it was good to know that it wasn't.

That, and in unrelated news, pre-compiled libraries of occam code can now contain references to foreign functions. This is useful for the whole enterprise as well, although kinda less obvious and less glamorous.


  • Posted: March 21, 2005
  • Author: Matthew Jadud
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