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SIGCSE a success!

I think we'll call SIGCSE a success. Our presentation went well, and were glad to get a chance to meet the other speakers in the robotics track. While some were new faces (Judy Challinger), we were also able to catch up with old friends as well (like Jerry Weinberg at SIUE). While there is yet more to report about the last two weeks of travel around the US, as well as some exciting news that comes as a result of our presentation in the CS department at Indiana University Bloomington, the current "nifty" thing is the XPort. Gameboy-Bot-1 This device rocks our nascent robotics world. It plugs into the Gameboy, and provides a fully programmable FPGA for handling all kinds of sensors, motors, and other stuff. Additionally, it provides you with an easy in for programming the Gameboy itself. There's too much to say about it, and we may have more to say, as I think we need to get one to experiment with. At 30 hours on an extended battery back, a Gameboy and one of these could make a really nice little robotics controller. This is why you go to conferences; you run into people who point out things like this to you (thanks, Jerry!), and you have a chance to rethink some of the ways you do things. Very cool.


  • Posted: February 28, 2005
  • Author: Matthew Jadud
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