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Portable? You bet.

We gave a talk in the CS department at Indiana University Bloomington on Monday to a good crowd; almost 40,000 in attendance... at the whole University that day. It was a good group, and we had a chance to run our talk we're giving Saturday.

As a side effect of stopping by, we met a new faculty member who was formerly at HP research; he's now developing an interesting research agenda in the department and teaching courses on concurrent programmming languages and also our low-level embedded/assembly language programming course. Therefore, he was interested/critical of our project (in a healthy, academic way, not a vindictive, destructive way). Tuesday afternoon, we got together with Bryce, the CS department's hardware magician, and in an hour we ported the Transterpreter to run on Goofy Giggles.

We were given a Goofy to borrow, and we're going to add a slide about this to the SIGCSE talk. So, the claims about the software being portable are true: given an hour, we were able to port the software to a completely new platform, and it didn't involve touching the "core," just the "wrapper." Given that he only has 10K of flash, and 2K of RAM, we only use around 1/4 of the flash and 1/6th of the RAM for a program that prints "TVM & IUB" to the serial port while flashing the LEDs on his front.

I think that was the most impressive demo we gave at IUB, and will make a nice addition to the talk @ SIGCSE. :)


  • Posted: February 23, 2005
  • Author: Matthew Jadud
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