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New site, again

We're in the final stages of pre-release. The Transterpreter has been used, live in the classroom, since September. We've been giving students in Cool Stuff in Computer Science a chance to build some little robots out of LEGO and program them in occam. While we wish we had infinite time to implement all the little, complex things that would make the Transterpreter better, we're pleased enough with the software to make a release next month. Now, we're going to present the fruits of the last year's worth of labor, and see what people think. Our hope is that we'll get a good reception for the revitalization of a little language for writing concurrent programs both on clusters, the desktop, and in embedded contexts like robots, PDAs, and other devices. That's not bad for one runtime. Granted, the details are what kill you. But we'll get there. We have 31 days until release. :)


  • Posted: January 26, 2005
  • Author: Matthew Jadud
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