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Welcome to the Transterpreter blog!

Welcome to the Transterpreter website!

While things have been appearing to be idle on the site for a while, lots has been happening behind the scenes. We have developed an integrated development environment (IDE), currently targeting development of Transterpreter applications running in a desktop environment and on the Lego Mindstorms.

For those just showing up, the Transterpreter is a virtual machine for the occam-pi programming language (a language designed explicitly for parallel programming, it is based on the Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP) algebra). The Transterpreter is based on the INMOS Transputer; currently, it allows classical occam and occam-pi programs to be run on virtually any platform, ranging from Windows, Mac OS X and Linux desktops (on Intel X86, MIPS and PowerPC processors). We're especially interested in running occam programs on small devices like the Lego Mindstorms, PDAs, and mobile phones. The Transterpreter is essentially a portable runtime for the KRoC compiler.

Current efforts (hammer hammer, bang! bang!) The IDE is based around jEdit, and is provided in the form of a plugin. While the IDE is not currently ready for general (beta) release, it has been used successfully in the CSCS sessions which we run at the University of Kent at Canterbury Computer Science department. During these sessions we have students play with occam and the Lego Mindstorms, so far (we believe) with pretty good success. More on the Transterpreter, the Lego Mindstorms and how we use it in "Cool Stuff in Computer Science" should be available on the CSCS blog.

Finally we have begun a crusade make occam and Transputer programming resources available on the Transterpreter website. We are currently collecting books, which we are hoping to be able to provide in online versions (with the agreement of the copyright-holders of the works of course). Ideally we would be able to get hold of original manuscripts, from which we can generate online versions of the books, though should the original manuscripts not be available, we are prepared to de-spine and scan any books that we own!

Anyone who have any books they would like to donate, know of books which we should add to the list of works to be acquired, or otherwise would like to help in this endeavor, we would be more than happy to hear from you at books @ transterpreter dot org.


The Transterpreter, both in its IDE and a command line version, should be available in the not so distant future. The Windows version of the IDE will be ready first, followed swiftly by the Mac OS X version and then a Unix/Linux version. Following that, pending some cleaning up, the command line version should appear.


  • Posted: October 19, 2004
  • Author: Matthew Jadud
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